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Abdullah Al-Dossary

We specialize in personal interviews, screening potential candidates, selecting the appropriate workforce for the private sector and individuals, and interviewing candidates remotely or traveling to their countries on our own or accompanied by the client. where We provide service in: (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The State of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates)

Who am I?

About "Abdullah Al-Dossary"

Specialized in human resources management for 25 years in international companies, He attends many internal and external forums, conferences, workshops, and participates in many training courses.

Why choose me?

We save you effort and money in accessing appropriate human resources through our partners, certified and guaranteed professional external offices and accredited examination centers.

27 years of experience in recruiting human resources inside and outside the Kingdom
Knowledge of requirements and application papers for consulates and embassies
Experience in dealing with external recruitment companies
Good knowledge of testing centers for candidates in their countries
Experience in screening candidates and conducting appropriate tests for each profession
Specialized in conducting personal interviews

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If you have any questions or inquiries, Do not hesitate to contact me to request assistance or advice. We are happy to serve you

شواهد ممارسة العمل الحر

Certificate 4

نموذج التوظيف المعتمد

يتم توظيف الموارد البشرية بناءً على مجموعة من الإجراءات وهي موضحة في المخطط أدنــاه

Seclection Model - Arabic

Evidence of practicing self-employment

Certificate 4

Form: Approved employment

Human resources are employed based on a set of procedures, which are shown in the chart below

Selection model - english